Samsung YP-U2 DAP Taken Apart (kinda)

the-broken-hold-switch.jpgWhy? Because it has been in my pocket for almost a full day, with the HOLD switch on. And in the evening, when I wanted to listen some Leaves’ Eyes, bummer. The hold switch moves freely, but doesn’t disable the hold function (meaning: I can’t start the player). Was that to be expected, after less than a year of use?it-works.jpg

I’d like to tell you the chipset and battery manufacturer and other useful stuff, so maybe we can hack the firmware etc., but I didn’t go that far. I took it apart only “deep” enough to move the hold switch back to “unlocked”. You can see the tiny switch on the left picture (under the LCD, to the right, blue color).

Total surgery time – 10 minutes. No hold feature now, but at least it works! :D

If only I had the source of the firmware, so I can kill bugs and add features, or at least the tools to build my own from scratch. Samsung, are you listening?!!

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  1. freemind says:

    That was a courageous move :) [well.. from my point of view]. I’m glad your player works again :) Especially if it was for such a noble cause, like listening to Leaves` Eyes! :) Great band, indeed. Good luck!

  2. Constantin says:

    Thanks man!
    If I had any warranty for the device, maybe I’d have hesitated to crack it open. Don’t try this at home! :P

  3. Try there. They have links to bunches of firmwares for the YPU2 and other Yepps.

  4. (P.S.) Click the christopherborne!

  5. Constantin says:
    My player came from Ukraine, so it had the international firmware with ogg support (that’s why I bought it!)
    I can’t see a way to get hold of the source code and the tools to compile it.

  6. bigblen says:

    I took mine apart. You already did the hardest part getting the top off.
    This player has only 3 significant chips – Sigmatel STMP3550 single chip DMP controller, Philips TEA5767 FM tuner. Flash memory.

    (Why did I dismantle it – I cracked the screen, checking if it is replaceable. The answer is in theory yes, as it is a separate module, but don’t know yet if I can get a new one, or if it will be worth it. Anybody with a dead YPu2 with screen intact??

  7. Branko Majic says:

    Believe it or not, I have the same model, and the hold switch went loose just today, after less than 1 year of usage :/ To be honest, I’m pissed off. How hard is it to make 1 of the most used buttons durable enough? The player is great, but this really got me depressed. I tried to take the lid off, but I couldn’t, since I didn’t want to use force to open it. After unscrewing the screws under the cap, how did you proceed afterwards? Btw, I also though about changing firmware (well, I don’t know how to do it, but it did occur to me that someone tried already). I would like to see some support for on-screen lyrics :D

  8. Constantin says:

    After unscrewing the screws, I removed the small plate the screws held and then carefully took the top plastic part of the player off.
    I’m not a qualified technician, so be responsible for your actions and don’t blame me if I lead you on the wrong path ;)
    About the firmware: try these instructions. Good luck!

    • Thorsten says:

      I want to fix the plug of the headset of my YP-U2, so I’m grateful for your little how-to!
      But please tell me: How exactly did you manage to get off the top plastic part of the player? After removing the tiny screws and the small plate, the plastic top seems to be stuck at the other end of the player. Did I miss some kind of fixing pin? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

      • Constantin says:

        Yes, there are several fixing pins, unfortunately. I never had much luck with opening up electronics without destroying at least one of them. Here’s an image of where they are:

        A small flat screwdriver may help in gently taking off the lid. Good luck!

  9. Branko Majic says:

    Well, I managed to “fix” it (of course, the hold button cannot be activated anymore). I’ve noticed one annoying thing: the plastic which is pushing the actual hold switch on the inside is very fragile (poor plastic quality + very thin). This is not the way to make such a (relatively expensive) device. I guess that consumerism won one more battle ;) Well, apart from this terrible feature, it’s a nice player at least (one of the prettier and more convenient designs out there).

    I was “relieved” to see that someone had the same problem I did. Once is a coincidence, twice is a conspiracy ;) Thanks once again for posting this kind of thing on the internet :)

  10. AlckO says:

    Same problem,same model….after less than 1 year of usage(8 months)…. the hold switch went loose!
    (I want alternative Firmware!!)

  11. aan says:

    how to service my yp-u2….
    oh..this flash disk cannot -on- why?….please help me

  12. Constantin says:

    Erm… If you mean you can’t turn it on, I’m afraid I can’t help. Go to a qualified service (or, if it’s within the 1 year warranty, call Samsung).

  13. Benino says:

    I have one of these with a broken screen. any source on the screen? I’d be willing to try replacing it if there is a source for a new screen.

    I know it’s kind of pointless now with the screen broken, but I’ve tried flashing to a different firmware (I think I downloaded the firmware from the australian site but I can’t remember for sure) and the firmware update software wouldn’t flash my USA model. Anybody else have any luck switching from USA to the other firmware. The problem may arise from the fact that the USA model uses USB MTP (media transfer protocol) vs USB UMS (universal mass storage). These two are recognized differently by windows (UMS is standard storage device and is given a drive letter while MTP devices aren’t), so the software for flashing for the international firmware may not be able to recognize the USA model. :-/

  14. Constantin says:

    I have no screen to spare, unfortunately. I don’t know about the USA issue either, since my player came with UMS by default, but on that wiki some people reported success with the US model as well.

  15. Patty says:

    I have had the same model for over a year. Hold button still works, it plays, it charges, etc… Today I got a surprise, though. I went to sync it to my office computer and the screen just says “MTP connected” and “don’t disconnect”. None of the computers recognize the device and it keeps making a sound as if I was connecting and disconnecting a USB device continuously every two seconds. I don’t know what to do anymore… Anyone know what I could do?

  16. Constantin says:

    Did it work before as MTP or UMS? Have you tried resetting the device?

  17. erez says:

    any luck finding a replacement screen? mine is broken to. i contacted Sansung slovakia (where mine was made, YP-U2R , 2 giga) and Samsung U.K. no answer from them.

    also, even with a broken screen it still worked as a pen-key, but now it won’t turn on, and when i plug it to (any) computer nothing happen, not a sound or anything, as if i didn’t plug it at all.
    any answers to that?

  18. Eranga says:

    hey hi i just removed suddenly the U2 without stopping and now it wont show the text in the display, everything is working but the text is missing. so is ther any way to solve this problem
    thank u

  19. Eranga says:

    PS. i have reset and format the U2 but it still not displaying the text pls advice

  20. Constantin says:

    You may try re-uploading the firmware or calling Samsung support. Sorry, I haven’t had this problem.

  21. Gary says:

    Heads up for anyone who in 2008 is still a fan of the samsung U2 series – you can still get these in UK from

    I love these ogg playing ypu2 and similar (I now own 4 of them) that predate the current series but do not have the touchy touchy controls.

    Not sure where they are sourced from but the manufacturing date on reverse says 2006 but they are to all visual inspection brand new!

    Have just received two by next day delivery and have the pendant
    which is old stock I guess.

    Here is a different one that is clearly marked open box so you might want to be sure what you are getting before you order

  22. Pro says:

    I’ve had the device for 1 and a half years but I’ve had no problem. I wonder what’s happened to you guys. Anyway be careful. There is a fake model of it too.

  23. nobody says:

    for anyone who is interested: download the firmware from the samsung website, unpack it, and read the recovery.html in the Help subdir. There is described a way to upload any firmware in any circumstances to the YP-U2 in that so called “recovery mode”, so it definitely worth a try if your player is dead at all. I hope this helps anybody :)

  24. Michael says:

    Now it’s 5 years later but are you still there, Constantin? :P I found my old YP U2 in the drawer and decided to try to fix it. It’s problem is likely mechanical, for some reason the left phone remains silent while right one plays both L/R tracks. Wish me luck :)

  25. Constantin says:

    Good luck Michael :) I trust you’ve tried a different pair of earphones already?

    My YP-U2 is still alive and well, though the battery doesn’t last very long anymore.

    • Bart says:

      I have my YP-U2 for a decent amount of time and yesterday it just stopped while i was listening music. It won’t respond when i plug it in the computer, it won’t respond to on/off button. I am desperate and need help. Is it possible that the battery is dead?

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