Why I don’t go to church

arkBecause the christian church is a 2000-year old business machine. Nothing more. You get in. You pay for donations. You pay for blessings. You pay for forgiveness. You sin, you pay, and you feel free to sin again. Is this bribery or what? It’s about time it goes out of business.

I do not believe in a God that punishes. I do not believe in good or bad. I believe there are only choices, and those who let others choose for them.

The kingdom of God is within you and all around you. It is not within buildings of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood and you will find me. Look beneath a stone and I am there.

Open your box. Free your mind. Life wants you to take back your power.

4 Responses to Why I don’t go to church

  1. Andrei says:

    You’re kinda right!
    And you know what, i won’t go there! (even if i haven’t been there since my christening, i knew smth’s not alright)
    … anyway man,
    RespecT for a 5* blog…

  2. Eujen=) says:

    totally agree with you… very bad of the people that do not comprehend that Obvious thing… there’s such a strong manipulation with people…and pity of them, who don’t realise that…

  3. Constantin says:

    2 people convinced, several more billions to go :)

  4. Eujen=) says:

    yeahh! =) everything has a beJinning=)

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