My head
With lead
Is heavy.

My hands
With bands
Are tied.

My heart
Is bleeding.

My eyes
Of lies
Are blind.

My ears
With fears
Are deaf.

My legs
Like pegs
Are stuck.

My thoughts
By “not”s
Are boxed.

My brain
Of strain
Is aching.

My soul
Of all
Is tired.

My mind
Will find
The answer.

My love
Will rise.

Yes I’ve cheated.

2 Responses to /usr/bin/rhyme

  1. Eujen=) says:

    “My thoughts
    By “not”s
    Are boxed.” … stiu eu asa momente=) poezia e super!

  2. Constantin says:

    Da, uneori trebuie de mai spart gheatza :)

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