Another 3 Random Things

1) Google crawled my blog!
Crawled by Google

2) I’m at level 16 now in notpr0n, and I’m stuck! I guess those numbers are supposed to show me which letters to take, but none of the combinations make any sense. Take them from the passwords of the previous levels? From the user names? From the page titles? From the URLs? I’m kinda lost.

3) Yesterday I started listening to the audio book “Business @ the speed of thought” by Bill Gates. It has convinced me once again that Gates deserves respect as a business man, not as a computer scientist. And a related thought: he talks about electronic utility payment, e-commerce, high speed Internet and wireless connectivity in 1999 (when he published the book), but these things are still a rarity in Moldova and probably many other countries.

One Response to Another 3 Random Things

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