Summary of 2006

  1. Best musical discovery
    Within Temptation
  2. Best gadget bought
    Samsung YP-U2 Digital Audio Player (1GB). It supports OGG and resuming!
  3. Most valuable skill learnt
    To ignore unimportant things and enjoy life no matter what. An idea from Tony Robbins’ program “Time of Your Life” helps: when you’re in an unpleasant situation, imagine what you will think about it in 10 years. If laughing about it is the first thought which comes to mind, why not laugh now?
  4. Best site discovered
  5. Most useful newsletter subscribed to
  6. Best book read
    A few: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (artistic), Modern C++ Design by Alexandrescu (programming) and Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life by Larry Winget (self-improvement)
  7. Best piece of code seen
    dpkg -l |awk ‘/^rc/ {print $2}’ |xargs dpkg –purge
    This purges all removed packages on a Debian-based system. Found here.
  8. Biggest disappointment
    Firefox 2.0. It brings nothing new to the Linux desktop except an ugly theme and more bloat. I switched to Konqueror and I only miss the cool find widget, Ad-Block white-listing and the StumbleUpon toolbar. Konqueror is blazing-fast on my KDE desktop.
  9. Promises / resolutions not kept
    I committed to finish USACO Training by December 31st. I only got to level 5 though… Looks like some intense work due for January :O

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