New Year Resolutions!

  1. Learn Python
  2. Learn Ruby (amazing)
  3. Learn C++ STL (not just pretend I know it!)
  4. Learn Inkscape (SVG absolutely rocks!)
  5. Learn the KDE4 API / whatever needed to write my own KDE4 app.
  6. Never remain in front of the monitor until I’m hungry again! (i.e. don’t stay all day)
  7. Keep this blog alive!!
  8. Finish USACO Training by February 28th and start working on infoarena immediately after

8 Responses to New Year Resolutions!

  1. Don’t wait until February 28th.
    Oh… and make sure you register and compete for preONI and Unirea 2007 :)

    and btw… infoarena is small caps ;)

  2. Constantin says:

    Am I the only one who lacks time these days? ;)
    About preONI, I wanted to compete from the start, but the mail with the announcement went to spam in gmail. I found out the day after :( But I’ll be there for Unirea and the next rounds of preONI.

    >and btw… infoarena is small caps
    fixed :D

  3. Alex says:

    I happen to be a Python programmer too, and I’m glad to see that you are attracted to this great language.

    My question is – why Ruby? I mean, “why Ruby if Python?” (-:

  4. Constantin says:

    Currently, I don’t program in neither Python nor Ruby as much as I’d like to. (I use C++ for contests and bash for seldom scripts).
    The whole Ruby thing was love at first sight to me. I know that sounds stupid. I was more impressed with the in-browser tutorial than with the language itself.

  5. Alex says:

    In case I can make a difference, I’d stick to Python if I were you. It is a mature language used in production systems for many years; there are many examples on the web, a well-developed community, etc. Its standard library is much more feature-rich than that of Ruby.

    The trick is in ‘batteries included’. Sure, there is a library for anything, but when it comes with the standard pack – people are more likely to use it. Ruby is yet to achieve this status, lacking many libraries Python has.

    Also, at the time I tried Ruby, I did not manage to find a nice IDE; which does not mean that the language is not good… but it is a show-stopper for lazy asses like me :-)

  6. Constantin says:

    I don’t use an IDE, mostly because my programs are small (rarely beyond 500 lines) and don’t depend on one another. As I don’t work on big projects, I just use Kate + Konsole :)
    What Python IDE are you using?
    There is FreeRIDE for Ruby. I don’t know what, in your opinion, makes a “nice IDE”. Perhaps I knew if I used one myself.
    I’ll consider your advice when I’ll choose my direction of learning in the future :) thanks for caring!

  7. Only ~1.6 months left…
    You’d better start working harder on infoarena! :)

    You have less than 130 problems solved and your rating isn’t exactly the best.
    There’s a contest coming up tomorrow and preONI 2008 is following soon after.

    Good luck!

  8. Constantin says:

    I was waaay to optimistic.

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