ascending vs. wordpress

I wanted to share some thoughts about this blog. About the URL: You think it’s easy to come up with a blog name that is simple enough, yet not already occupied by some other user? Unless you are one of the first (oldest) users, you know it’s not. I wanted a positive term this time, unlike my ex-es: no-light, notfree, helddown, inlovewithmysorrow. And I’m fond with my choice, “ascending” being positive and simple enough term to remember. The title and “tag-line” give hints about my interests in Linux and programming. Original enough, if you ask me :)

And a few thoughts about wordpress: The WYSIWYG editor beats the one on blogger any day. Image (and file!) upload is better, too. The only complain I’ve got is that for some reason the editor doesn’t appear at all on Konqueror (have to use Firefox for posting). Perhaps this is fixable. I also wish I could have FTP access to the server (to put my own plug-ins etc.) but I know I’m asking for too much for free. Bottom-line: I like WordPress. I like the fact that it’s driven by some sensible people and not a big corporation (google I’m looking at you). And the Kubrick theme is absolutely awesome!

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